Monday, March 2, 2009

Kancha Ilaiah:Why he is not a Hindu?

Kancha Ilaiah is the chairman of the political science department at Osmania University, a social activist and author.

He is an activist in the Dalit-Bahujan (Scheduled and Backwards Castes) movement.

He has authored several books and publishes articles regularly in national news papers and magazines. His book published in 1996, "Why I am not a Hindu - A critique of Hindutva from a Dalit-Bahujan perspective" became the best seller.

The above book is very influential in the Thamil art,literary and intellectual activists circles. Little magazines in Thamil had brought out most of his articles and interviews into Thamil readership.

He also authored God As Political Philosopher: Budha's challenge to Brahminism, A Hollow Shell, The State and Repressive Culture, Manatatwam (in Telugu), and Buffalo Nationalism: A Critique of Spiritual Fascism.

Dr. Ilaiah in his efforts to internationalize the Dalit issues for the first time.

Note and Photo by: S.Jeyasankar

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