Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gunasena Galappatty, was one of the greatest dramatists of Sri Lanka and his name is a legend among generations of Sinhala theatre goers. The work of a great life time has placed him among the immortals and has created for him a shrine in the world of Sri Lankan theatre. Galappatty was the pioneer of suspense drama in Sri Lanka. After an academic and dramatic stint at University of Yale and Broadway in New York, Galappatty emerged in to the forefront, creating a tremendous impact by his dramatic technique of the harmonization of stylization with naturalism. His legendary production "Muduputtu" was a land mark of Sri Lankan drama and was created such a sensation that it became a controversial issue in the Sri Lankan theatre. Galappatty proved that traditional theatre style could be blended very effectively with western technique. "When he directed a play, he was almost in a trance. The atmosphere was like that within a temple. No one would dare to disturb, while a rehearsal was in progress", one ardent follower of Galappatty stated. We invite you to browse this web site dedicated to his work and Sri Lankan Theatre.





Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kooththu, the Traditional Theatre of the Tamils of Tamilnadu, India is an interesting art form particularly who are interested in Community Theatre Activities.
Comparatively it’s not much performer centric as the Kooththu of Thamils of Sri Lanka. It is very interactive in nature which in most instances the modern theatre of Tamils artificially applies it and invites uneasiness or irritation among the audience.
Understanding of Kooththu of Tamils of Tamilnadu, India is an essential educational practice for theatre practitioners, educationists and social activists.

Kooththu of Tamilnadu is performed mostly by professional groups and it also performed by community too as among the Kooththu communities of the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

The professional groups in the Northern Districts of Tamilnadu mostly perform Epic Mahabharatham in the Bharatham Festivals of Thuropathi Amman Temples. Bhatatham of Kooththu perfprmers versions are different from Valmiki’s, Vilipuththurar’s and Nallapillai too. It disrobes all the heros and villains of Bharatham including the lord Krishna. Govinda! Govinda!!

Playing the role of Kaddiyankaran in Kooththu (Traditional Theatre of Tamilnadu, India) is a challenging art. It demands extraordinary amount of energy, knowledge, skill, intellect, wit, creativity, and critical perspective and management qualities on and off the stage simultaneously.


Dear Friends of Koothu-p-Pattari!

KOOTHU-P-PATTARAI takes pleasure in inviting you to the theatre presentation of the play ‘Veriattam’ produced by ‘Arangasree’ in combination with Guru Sishya Parambra of South Zone Cultural Centre.


Sunday the 19th July 2009 at 6.00 PM


Koothu-p-Pattarai’s theatre space

No.1, Vaikasi Street,
Chinmaya Nagar, Stage-2,
Chennai – 600 092
Ph: 044 – 65373633

The play is directed by Professor S. Ramanujam, a product of National School of Drama, Delhi, who has made commendable contributions both in Children’s and Adult Theatre in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.

All are welcome…… Entry free…
Thanking you,

N. Muthuswamy
Artistic Director
prison nation

(Perhaps this war will pass like others which divided us
leaving us dead, killing us along with killers
but shame of this time puts its
burning fingers to our face
who will erase the ruthlessness
hidden in innocent blood? )
Pablo Neruda – selected poems

Blood smudges specter of present days
clash and try to strangle each others,
The gallows fruits continually in barren ground
to hang innocent with flattered in charnel house.

The hunters open smelling mouth and paws
to skinned and mutilate you and me,
Nocturnal delimit the borders among us
to divided canopies and roots of womb.

Agent evils offer chauvinism to next
and flame scatters as pillars of decline
it leads people to dig grave itself
War profits for devils turn men into beasts.

Who will awake the conscience of bones?
to fulfill pure life and pure memories,
Who will erase the pains of warm blood?
to grew the seeds of humane and love.

© Sunil Ranasinghe
Agent Orange

You are invited with smiles
To taste paradise malls
With warm hugs and open lips
To share consumerised world
Spring blooms and rise
On neo liberal temple sites
Cost of living going up flights
Dried up belies and minds.
Agent Orange and GM foods
Smell around global wide
Children searching peace of slices
for surviving days and nights.
Corporate leading wealth of commons
Talkative politics gathering heights
Hapless peasantry committed suicide
Social rights warming fights.
South end seeking debts and peace
North end mounting nuclear rights
World in combat act of gods
Warlords making global tombs.

(c) Sunil Ranasinghe