Thursday, February 19, 2009


Oi Ondhokar Ase
(The Dark Sounds)
A Bengali novel by Anisur Rahman

‘The Dark Sounds’ is an I-telling story which reveals > Anisur Rahman’s observations and feelings over the life of Bengali community people in Sweden, their cultural conflict, the emergence of Islamist militancy and military extremism in Bangladesh. As he tells the tales of a writer in exile and sifts through his effects. Anisur uncovers Bengali cultural aspects in Sweden and mystery of Swedish life that sheds light on deepened crisis in the life of Abdul Karim, the narrator in this novel.

Through a mosaic of images, conincidences, and associations, storyteller narrates everything as an outcome of personal accounts. Anisur is daring to express the subjects like sexuality-homosexuality, religion, politics, absence of liberty in Bengali life connecting two separate lands, Sweden and Bangladesh and Sweden’s difficulties to compete with the global economic challenges.

The novel somehow is a bonsai presentation of important scenes of present day Sweden. In a word, the novel ‘The Dark Sounds’ is a collection of insights in the life of the Swedes and the Bengalis. #

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