Wednesday, March 4, 2009

'Mallikai' : Great Leap of a Little Magazine in Thamil

Dominic Jeeva, the renowned short story writer and the editor of 'Mallikai' a little magazine in Thamil is marching towards it's 50Th birthday which is a rare feature in the world of little magazine in the world literature.

The untiring literary personality Mr Dominic Jeeva is an iconic figure in the field of art and literature of Thamils of Sri Lanka.

The journey of 'Mallikai' towards its fifty years is not a simple and sweet walk. It's a fire walk!

It's a journey of struggles on caste, class and enormously on ethnic issue.

There are few art and literary personalities keep the morale of the Sri Lankan Thamil society high even in waves of wars and disasters and Mr Dominic Jeeva is definitely one of them.

Soon after every disastrous wars he bicycles with bunch of 'Mallikai'in his cloth bag and distribute it to readers is a real morale booster for demoralised minds suffered in the war.

'Mallikai' is not only a literary magazine, but also a symbol of Thamil psyche!

'Mallikai' is the gate way of socially conscious serious art and literature.

Note by: S.Jeyasankar
Photo courtesy: Mallikai Jeeva

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