Monday, March 16, 2009

Paari Padukalam- Death of Pari:A Thamil Play by Pralayan

About the Department
Sri Sankaradass Swamigal School of Performing Arts started functioning from the academic year 1988-89 and has been renamed as School of Performing Arts during the year 2007. The school has come to existence on December 2007 in view of conducting interdisciplinary teaching and research activities in the Performing Arts.

The Department of Performing Arts started functioning from the academic year 1988-89 and it offers M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. in Drama and Theatre Arts.The prime motive of the Deprtment of the Performing Arts is not only producing Masters in the field of Performing Arts but also imparting knowledge to its students in terms of equipping themselves to get into the avenues of job opportunities in the field of Mass Communications, Song and Drama Division, Film, Radio-T.V. Networks and Doordharshan Channels, Schools, Colleges and the Department of National and International Universities, Above all, the Department of Performing Arts aims to act as a catalyst in the minds of students to understand, ‘The Art of Living’.

The Department of Performing Arts produced number of plays as part of Students Participation in the play production. The major plyas are Aurangazeb, Kaala Yenthirangal, Veedu, Koyil, Valli Thirumanam, Appavum Pillayum, Mundravathu Vila Elumpum Vizhudukalattra Alamaramum, Uliyin Osai, Marana Illa Vasical and Thanimayil Shakespeare.

The play ‘Paari Padukalam’ is the recent play production of the Department of Performing Arts directed by Shri Pralayan, Chennai Kalaikuzhu, Chennai.About the DirectorPralayan is well known theatre personality as a playwright and director in Tamilnadu. Influenced by the modern theatre movement initiated throughout india in terms of searching the roots of Indian theatre.

Pralayan has started his theatre activities as Artistic Director of Chennai Kalaikuzhu and has directed morethan thirty plays in the format of open-air production. Among the plays staged under his direction ‘Maanagar’ ‘Pavun Kunju’ and ‘Payanam’ are well known in Tamil Theatre space.

Since 1998, he has involved in Theatre-in-educationprogrammes, Besides his open-air productions, Pralayan has also taken interest in proscenium stage productions‘Satyagraham’ Tamil version of Habib Tanvir’s ‘Mote Ram ka Satyagrah’, Puratchi Kavi (Revolutionary Poet) by Bharatidasan and ‘Upa Kathai’ are worthy to be mentioned here for exploring the power of proscenium stage.

About the play
The play “Paari Padukalam” tries to traces out the social history of the ancient Tamils through the ‘Sangam Literature’. Ancient Tamil Kings, Chera, Chola, Pandiya were never united under a single vision but to kill the chieftain of Parambu Hills, Paari. This play tries to understand the existing pauses and silences in the tragic episode of ancient Tamil history. Thus ‘Paari Padukalam’ makes an attempt to conceptualize the past to the present.

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