Tuesday, July 14, 2009

prison nation

(Perhaps this war will pass like others which divided us
leaving us dead, killing us along with killers
but shame of this time puts its
burning fingers to our face
who will erase the ruthlessness
hidden in innocent blood? )
Pablo Neruda – selected poems

Blood smudges specter of present days
clash and try to strangle each others,
The gallows fruits continually in barren ground
to hang innocent with flattered in charnel house.

The hunters open smelling mouth and paws
to skinned and mutilate you and me,
Nocturnal delimit the borders among us
to divided canopies and roots of womb.

Agent evils offer chauvinism to next
and flame scatters as pillars of decline
it leads people to dig grave itself
War profits for devils turn men into beasts.

Who will awake the conscience of bones?
to fulfill pure life and pure memories,
Who will erase the pains of warm blood?
to grew the seeds of humane and love.

© Sunil Ranasinghe

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