Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kooththu, the Traditional Theatre of the Tamils of Tamilnadu, India is an interesting art form particularly who are interested in Community Theatre Activities.
Comparatively it’s not much performer centric as the Kooththu of Thamils of Sri Lanka. It is very interactive in nature which in most instances the modern theatre of Tamils artificially applies it and invites uneasiness or irritation among the audience.
Understanding of Kooththu of Tamils of Tamilnadu, India is an essential educational practice for theatre practitioners, educationists and social activists.

Kooththu of Tamilnadu is performed mostly by professional groups and it also performed by community too as among the Kooththu communities of the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

The professional groups in the Northern Districts of Tamilnadu mostly perform Epic Mahabharatham in the Bharatham Festivals of Thuropathi Amman Temples. Bhatatham of Kooththu perfprmers versions are different from Valmiki’s, Vilipuththurar’s and Nallapillai too. It disrobes all the heros and villains of Bharatham including the lord Krishna. Govinda! Govinda!!

Playing the role of Kaddiyankaran in Kooththu (Traditional Theatre of Tamilnadu, India) is a challenging art. It demands extraordinary amount of energy, knowledge, skill, intellect, wit, creativity, and critical perspective and management qualities on and off the stage simultaneously.

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