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People’s SAARC Regional Convergence 2014

People’s SAARC Regional Convergence 2014
22-24 November 2014
Kathmandu, Nepal
South Asian people's movements (women, youth, peasants, labour, socially marginalised groups) and civil society organisations have planned a convergence  from 22 to 24 November 2014 in the form of People's SAARC or people's assembly, parallel to the 18th SAARC Summit in Kathmandu, Nepal. 
The overarching theme will be ‘People’s Movements Uniting South Asia for Deepening Democracy, Social Justice & Peace’. The people of South Asia are coming together at People’s SAARC 2014 challenging systematic marginalisation of people, groups, communal division and fragmentation and degradation of environment and impact of climate change through widespread voicing of ideas and experiences and by forging solidarity across the borders.  Thus the theme of this year’s People’s SAARC Convergence is focused on People’s Movements Uniting South Asia for Deepening Democracy, Social Justice & Peace.
Key Areas, Issues and Concerns:
·         Alternative Regionalism
·         Food, Food Security, Food Sovereignty and Trade 
·         Migration, Freedom of Movement, Human Trafficking 
·         Attack on Labour, Expanding Labour Rights regionally
·         Climate Change, Ecological Justice, Economic Cooperation, Livelihoods
·         Gender Rights, Women's Rights, Women and Armed Conflicts
·         Human Rights, Social Justice, Exclusions, Caste Discriminations, Politics of Hatred (Protection of Minority Rights and strengthening ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural pluralism and diversity)
·         Refugees and Indigenous People's Rights
·         Sustainable Development
·         Peace, Democracy, Rule of Law, De-Militarisation (expanding spaces for civil society and social movements)
·         Tax Justice, Fiscal Responsibility, and Corporate Accountability
·         Community control over natural resources, resource commons, water commons
·         Energy security for people
In this context we are planning to have side events on ‘Universal Social Security’, ‘Sexuality, Exclusion and Resistance in the South Asian Context’ and ‘Conflict led challenges and way towards sustainable peace for women of South Asia: Discussing women’s ESCRs’. People’s SAARC while challenging systematic marginalization of groups, it is important to acknowledge the concerns of the South Asian women that has not achieved much attention at national, regional and international economic growth policies and development agendas. To take these issues forward it was felt that side events should be organized with widest possible participation from all.
For more information on People’s SAARC: 
Concept note is attached for more detailed information on the same.

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