Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Background on Film South Asia
Film South Asia, organised for the last 12 years by Himal Southasian, is one festival that takes in the sweep of non-fiction audio-visual productions being made across the Southasia. FSA has helped energise the development of the documentary genre, take it to a wider audience, as well as nurture new talent through the mixing of filmmakers divided by nationality, experience, technique and discipline.

FSA is held every two years at a venue in Kathmandu. The festival showcases films on Southasian themes or subjects. Documentaries cover any subject in the rage available to filmmakers: from people, culture, lifestyle and adventure to development, environment, politics education and history.
The only region-wide festival dedicated to the craft of non-fiction film, Film South Asia is a platform for filmmakers seeking to exhibit new works. The relaxed atmosphere, which has become the signature of FSA, brings together filmmakers, journalists, scholars and film enthusiasts into a comfortable interface, helping generate cross-regional friendships and projects.

Entry is free of cost. A selection of about 45 films are screened at the competitive section of the festival and monetary prizes, along with citations, are awarded for overall excellence to the directors of the three best films chosen by three-member Southasian jury.
Film South Asia ’09 is being held from 17-20 September 2009 in Kathmandu. This is the seventh edition of the biennial festival of Southasian non-fiction film. After FSA ’09, select documentaries will tour the world as part of Travelling Film South Asia.
Once again, we are looking forward to bring together the most creative and dedicated non-fiction filmmakers of Southasia to the festival venue in Kathmandu. With every festival we find more diversity in the films submitted. In September 2009, the celebration will continue.
New Filmmakers
There is an exponential expansion in the making of the documentary film—amateur and professional—due to the lower costs of filming and editing technology. In FSA ’09, we hope to seek out new filmmakers so as to add depth and variety to the films entered, selected and shown.
Travelling Film South Asia
A selection of up to 15 outstanding films from FSA ’09 will make up the Travelling Film South Asia, which will tour all over the Subcontinent and the world. Each of the past editions of TFSA has been to above 40 venues, where they have been received enthusiastically by dramatically diverse audiences. Within Southasia, the travelling festival helps build awareness and empathy among audiences across societies. We expect the forthcoming TFSA to go to more venues than ever, making connections and building on the increasing interest in our region. While there is a charge levied on venues overseas, TFSA festival organisers within Southasia are charged no fee for the package, which includes the films and promotional material. The organisers in Southasia are only responsible for dispatching the films to the next venue as directed by the FSA Secretariat.
Clearinghouse of South Asian Non-Fiction Film
The FSA Secretariat hosts the Clearinghouse for South Asian Non-Fiction Film, which markets documentaries from the region for non-commercial and non-broadcast purposes. An increasing number of documentaries are being sold by the Clearinghouse since it was launched at FSA ’01. The Clearinghouse works on the basis of non-exclusive agreements with filmmakers, and thus far has limited itself to films entered for Film South Asia. The Clearinghouse also works continuously to bring filmmakers together with all interested parties and with each other. http://www.filmsouthasia.org/

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