Thursday, May 7, 2009


Dear friends, colleagues, fellow militants and activists,

Augusto Boal, one of the most valiant people of his times, has - as a friend of ours said - become one of our ancestors. He has fought until the very last moment to keep his spirit alive, just as he has fought against oppression for so many decades. "I won't be dead unless people forget" says a song. In Augusto's case, this means he will live forever. For the most, he will live in the spirit of those who work with the Theatre of the Oppressed, which he introduced and expanded every time, and usually ahead of his time. We are only beginning to understand what power lies in Theatre of the Oppressed and how it can deeply affect global society. We are only beginning to understand what Augusto Boal has created, but we can only come to understand it by using his creation in practice. By continuing the work he did, we can sincerely commemorate his achievements. We hope this message is resounded across the globe.

Many of you have already reacted to Augusto Boal's death by sending emails to ITO or to other websites. We decided to create a space on where anyone can leave a condolence message to us all or to someone in particular. This condolence registry can be accessed through, the messages can be read through

The ITO website will update you on the latest developments on the planned Memorial Day activities. Please check regularly if urgent messages are issued, you will be informed through this mailing list.

Although we are filled with sadness, we believe we should take up whatever strength we have and increase the intensity of the work we are doing. The best way to remember Boal is to remember his fighting spirit. To look for peace, not passivity and to have the courage to be happy.

In solidarity,

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