Friday, July 4, 2008


Manu Dash is a bilingual poet, fiction writer, playwright, translator and columnist. He has six books to his credit and recently edited an anthology of poems in English written by Indians entitled ‘ninety-nine words’.

Born on 4th July 1956 in a village by the coastal belt of Bay of Bengal in Orissa, South-East of India.Had Post graduation on literature (1981),Bachelor Degree on Law(1986) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (1991).Joined a literary movement called ‘Anam’(1974).
Worked in various reputed industrial houses in India as a Personnel and Administrative executive.

Written poems in various Oriya as well as in English journals with equal felicity .Two collection of poems published in Oriya: Anjuley Samundrara Dheu (Waves of a Ocean in cup of the Palm) (2002) and Kala Harina(Black Buck)(2008).
A popular literary Columnist for Oriya dailies having1.5 million readerships.Four non-fiction books have already been published so far which include: Gudulira Jeje Bapa (Grandfather of Guduli),Priya Ganaka(Dear Astrologer),and Bhiru Bharat(Timid India) and Banchibara Bata (The way to live ). (2007)
A short story collection: Kandhei Nacha (The Puppet Dance) (2000).
Edited an anthology of poems in English by Indian authors entitled: ninety-nine words (2006).
An accredited lyricist of All India Radio.

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